“Big Birthday” weekend for Terry

On Friday night we had a happy hour party for Terry’s 40th birthday (which isn’t actually til tomorrow) and we had a nice crowd. We went to the Fox & Hound and I think everyone had a really good time – Terry especially enjoyed it, which of course was the whole point. All our best friends were there and also some people Terry works with, as well as an old high school friend of his who he just got in touch with a few weeks ago. Here are some photos from the party:

[rockyou id=66696505&w=426&h=320]

We returned from the party late Friday night to discover that our air conditioning was out! I called our home warranty company and the repairman came out Saturday morning. Of course his bad news was that the compressor was completely shot and the coil also was in terrible shape. It’s the original unit from 1993 so we knew it would need to be replaced. Because these things never happen quickly, we spent the whole weekend without AC.

On Saturday Terry and I bought each other new bicycles (for his birthday & Mother’s Day) and then took Justin to a friend’s house for a sleepover. We then went out to dinner at a neighborhood Italian place called Rotelli (food was OK, service not so hot). Then we enjoyed some alone-time with Eric at a local gelato shop. The gelato was really good, but of course not as good as what we had in Rome. After all, it was Rome!

Sunday morning was spent cleaning and then I baked and cooked in preparation for Terry’s family birthday meal – steak, baked potatoes, grilled veggies, salad, bread, and his birthday cake which was an orange chocolate marble cheesecake. We had the Licatas and Deckers over because after all, they are family! It was fun just hanging out in the backyard.

So there we were hanging out on the patio when a turtle just casually meandered by our pool! Our urban neighborhood isn’t much for “wildlife” so we were stunned! The poor guy was obviously lost, so Eric and Justin took him to our neighborhood lake (such as it is). They let him go on the grass, but he started toward the street again! Eric put him in the water and he swam away. I hope he wasn’t someone’s pet, or at least that he’s still alive this morning.

Sleeping last night was another story. Very hot in the house, and although we slept with the balcony door open it was still really hot. It reminded me of summers when I was growing up in New York and we didn’t have A/C. To make matters worse this cold/allergy crud I have going on (I can’t decide which it is) is making me miserable. Sneezing, can’t breathe, scratchy dry throat, stuffy nose… I hope it’s allergies so when I leave for my trip it goes away!


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