Playing catch-up

Well I finally finished my travel journal about my trip to Rome. I hope you enjoyed reading it. In case you hadn’t figured it out, I have been backdating them. This entry is in “real time” :)

Today I am at my sister Allison’s house in Austin. I had a meeting in Kerrville, Texas earlier this week (which went very well) and extended through the weekend to spend time with her and her kids, as well as my other sister Danielle.

We’ve gone for pedicures, visited the wildflower center and last night went out to dinner at an Italian place called La Taverna. It wasn’t like what I enjoyed in Rome, but it was good! I had the caprese salad and margherita pizza, followed by creme brulee. Allison also let me have a taste of her balsamic ice cream which was excellent. The restaurant had a nice ambience but was very loud. They also had sidewalk seating for those who didn’t mind the passing traffic. Afterwards we changed into our jammies and watched “The Devil Wears Prada”. The weather has been grey and wet, but that’s OK, it’s a nice diversion from hot & sunny Phoenix.

Allison’s kids are getting big – her smallest one is about a year and a half now, and getting into everything. She’s constantly chasing after him to keep him out of trouble. I remember those days and I don’t miss them. Of course, he’s also an adorable little guy, as are her other two.

I will be returning home on a 6pm flight tonight. It’s been a nice – though short – visit, but it will be even nicer to get home. My next trip is to Spokane for a meeting but since I’m not the lead on it I will be taking orders instead of giving them – a little bit less stressful. Once I return from that trip I have a week before I leave for Orlando for a huge meeting that I am the lead on – so I’ve got a lot to do over the next couple weeks.


1 Response to “Playing catch-up”

  1. 1 crazin May 1, 2007 at 8:59 am

    I’m glad you came to visit! I had a good time hanging out with you :)

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