Rome Day 8 / Coup de Grâce

Ides of March? Who said it was the Ides of March? Today was one of the very best “meeting days” of my entire career. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to top it.

First, our General Session went off without a hitch today. The *new* AV guy showed up an hour early and was the picture of professionalism. Good thing, because the Vice Prime Minister of Italy was there to give us an official welcome from the Italian government. Francesco Ruggeri met our CEO and other senior executives from around the world, and discussed many interesting and pertinent and controversial topics including his recognition of the value of “sharing art” with others around the world.

After more business sessions the meeting was over, with nothing but the gala dinner left to go. Massimo and Evelina picked me up and we went to Villa Miani early with the assistance of my associate Wes (yes my fellow heretic from the Sistine Chapel). We arrived and all was well, worked on some setup and final details. The group started arriving at twilight, just in time to see the city, all lit up from the hilltop terrace of Villa Miani. The room was beautiful, the food was delicious, the strolling tenor and mandolin were simply perfect, the after-dinner band was a huge hit and the dancing went on for hours. The music played, the wine flowed and everyone had a wonderful time. Even Boss – not one to compliment on such things – said it was the very best final night gala they’ve ever had. It was truly a fairy-tale evening that will not be easily forgotten.

Tomorrow is pack-up day and hubby will be arriving in the morning from Switzerland where he visited his brother. I miss him and it will be nice to spend a week alone together in one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Villa Miani Dinner Setting Our Italian band played 50s & 60s favorites... in Italian!

Me with some of our members at the gala


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