Rome day 7 / Meeting Planner’s Nightmare

The day started out like any other day on the road. Up early, shower, makeup, etc. etc. I went downstairs to the “dungeon” as we refer to our office. Although we’ve been having small meetings for three days today was our first General Session where everyone is getting together and I run the show. I was making last-minute changes to the PowerPoint presentation when I realized, it’s 8am and our AV guy isn’t anywhere to be found, with GS starting at 8:30.

I found someone at the hotel to call and find out what’s going on but all they could tell me was “he is on his way.” 8:30 comes about and no AV tech. People started filing into the room at 8:15 and my boss along with several of our delegates are messing around with the microphones while our CEO looks on waiting to be “mic’d up”. Finally at 8:50 they were able to get things going (though scratchy and disorganized) and at 8:20 the AV tech rolls in. He later told me he was “sleeping”.

Well, he got fired, but that doesn’t do anything to fix what happened in the meeting. Fortunately I gleaned from the attendees that they thought we were just having microphone issues. Eventually we were able to get the timing back on track too, which is nearly impossible most of the time.

At the end of the day, all went fairly well with that exception, and I worked late into the night with Wes on tomorrow’s presentation. It has to be flawless because the Vice Prime Minister of Italy will be making an appearance to give us our official welcome – that’s right, the “Dick Cheney” of Italy.

And the chocolate gelato my boss brought in to me was the perfect “nightcap”. At least the day ended on a good note!

Speaking of food, last night I worked late with Boss and he was nice enough to go out and get dinner. He brought back McDonalds! I can say that as one would suspect, the Italian version of a McD’s chicken sandwich is as equally disappointing as the American version.

Hey tomorrow is the Ides of March and we are in Rome! Should I be afraid????


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