Well the clock is winding down and now it’s only a few days until I travel to Rome! I’m both excited and nervous – I have a lot of work to do before I go! Also once I’m there I will be busy with business stuff for nine days of early mornings and late nights. I will need a vacation when I’m done!

Friday night we had our “Third Annual Euchre Tournament and Luau” – it was a lot of fun. Our 2007 winners were Chuck (a repeat from last year) and newcomer Jake. Jake claims to be the “Euchre Master” and I suppose it’s hard to argue considering he did prove himself by becoming co-champion. The party itself was a lot of fun too.

Yesterday Eric had his last regular season lacrosse game. I missed it and Terry left at halftime to get ready for Terry’s annual party. I guess when the team came back from the halftime break, our coach’s protests about unfair calls (none against our opponent, all against us) were wearing on the referees and he was kicked out of the game. He was so upset, he pulled the team and forfeited the game. Terry and I strongly disagree with the latter decision, though from what we’ve heard the fact that he was thrown out was uncalled for. Anyway, the kids are the ones who are suffering the most and we are left wondering whether we will even have a lacrosse team in Gilbert next year. It’s really too bad.

Terry’s party was okay, nothing too exciting. Dinner was good and I think we both looked really nice. It was good to see some familiar faces but we danced 2-3 songs and then boogied out of there.

Well I don’t know whether I will get a chance to post while I’m traveling, but I definitely plan to post an online travel log. The posts just may or may not appear until we return.

Ciao for now!


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