our new virtual home

I’ve been working in WordPress and really like the format better than Blogger.com. Thus, the reason we moved our virtual home. I’m still working through some of the nuances but overall it’s a lot easier to use and I can do a lot more with it too. I like the way it counts hits and behind the scenes you can see the stats – plus the way the categories/tags are set up is much nicer. And look how beautiful the page is! They have tons of templates to choose from and I was even able to customize the colors on this one – pink of course ;)

As you can see, I was able to move all my previous posts/archives here too – it was really easy to do. The only thing is that my videos and pictures didn’t migrate with them. Rather than bring them over manually I’ve decided to just move on from here and focus on adding new pictures and videos instead. I’m guessing the next pictures will come from our Euchre Tournament/Luau next Friday.

Not much else to update here other than Eric’s lacrosse game last night – they lost miserably to a team that wasn’t really better than them. But, at least it wasn’t a total blowout, they did get a couple goals in.

My mom went in for shoulder surgery today and I’m hoping everything is okay – still waiting to hear. The surgery sounded pretty routine, but she was very nervous about it when I talked to her on the phone last night.

I’m crazy busy at work and don’t really have any more time to catch up right now. I hope you all enjoy our new “location” and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Just because I don’t want to leave this page looking so “plain text” here’s a photo I took at Christmastime:


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