2/3 through February?

Wow I logged in and just realized how long it’s been since my last post – January 30th. Here it is only 10 days left in February and I’m just now posting again. You probably realize the length between blog posts is directly related to how busy I am. Our schedule is just nuts! Weekdays are bad enough – seems like whenever we have a “night off” from driving the kids to this or that – something always fills the hole. Weekends are just as crazy with lacrosse games, church, parties (both hosted and attended) and just keeping up with weekly errands. My cupboards are filled with nothing but canned goods and boxed dinners, and my fridge has frozen pizzas and Lean Cuisine meals. We’re lucky if I’m able to keep fresh fruit on the counter and replenish our reserve of fresh milk.

One of this weekend’s hole-fillers was Eric’s birthday party which is technically still going on. I have to admit, as they get older, it gets easier. I simply dropped him off at a movie with his friends (matinee price only $6 apiece) and then fed them pizza and Eric’s requested “birthday cookie”. They’re out enjoying the beautiful weather, practicing lacrosse.

Speaking of lacrosse, Eric’s team has been doing very poorly. As you might recall they did win their first game, but they’ve lost all their others…. up til yesterday. They played an Ahwatukee team and although they were behind 4-0 halfway through the 2nd period, they got a shot in the arm when Eric – a defender – intercepted a shot on goal from the other team. He proceeded to run it down to the goal, shot, and SCORED! This is unusual – though not unheard of – for a defensive player. Only seconds later one of his teammates scored another goal, and then before halftime they tied it up, I think 5-5. In the third period they came out strong and although they showed how tired they were in period four, they made it – they won 13-9. They were so happy, and of course so were the proud parents.

We were also excited because we befriended a couple from New York City and found out that he is an assistant coach on a nearby football team in Justin’s league. We were thrilled that he wants Justin on his team in the fall – we had some issues with our coach from last year and this other team (the Cardinals, go figure) must be the next closest team to our neighborhood as their house can’t be more than a mile from ours.

Also last week, we went to Eric’s Freshman orientation at the High School. It wasn’t a total waste of time – but darn close. The only productive thing we really did was sign Eric up for fall football. Ah, I can see more hectic schedules in our future.

Thankfully Terry and I did make time to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. It was nice to spend time alone without the kids. We went to a place called “The Grain Belt” – the ambience was really nice but I wasn’t too impressed with the food. Of course, the most enjoyable part of the evening was just spending time with my hubby.

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited about our trip to Italy. Well, heck yeah, I’m excited, but I keep thinking about everything I have to do for my meeting – everything that’s still not done. I leave on the 7th – just over two weeks away! Terry is psyched about his visit to Switzerland too. That reminds me, I have to go to the Swatch website and print out some photos so he can get me one while he’s there. :) That’s the order I’m placing with him for this trip – a watch and some chocolate :)

I’ll close with a cute little video forwarded by my friend Monica…. How to Shower: Women vs. Men


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