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Wow I’ve been really busy at work (and at home) and have been unable to post. I was the lead planner on our Employee Meeting yesterday afternoon. Fortunately everything went very well, and we’ve had overwhelming positive feedback, but it was a lot of work to get there. Plus, I’m working on my Rome meeting as well as two District Meetings in Kerrville, TX and Orlando, each with 250-450 people.

I know Terry is planning on watching the Championship Games this weekend but I’m not sure when they are. I think I might go shopping instead ;) I haven’t been to the mall since before Thanksgiving and I need to replenish my stock of Clinique foundation, Victoria’s Secret underthings, Bath & Body Works pump hand soap and a few other things.

Terry took Eric to the Suns game tonight – I’m sure they’re having a great time. Justin and I ordered a pizza and had “movie night” with his choice, “Big Daddy”. Tomorrow is Eric’s first lacrosse game – I hope the weather isn’t miserable like it was today. It rained! And it was really cold too! I thought I moved to Phoenix!?!?

And speaking of Phoenix, this week our local government announced that since the Feds are breathing down their neck about the “brown cloud” that hangs over the skyline they’re going to kick off a new advertising campaign called “Bring back the blue”. Whose brainchild was that anyway? So they think that some silly ad campaign attempting to convince people to carpool and ride their bikes to work is going to be more effective on cutting down on the pollution than to, I don’t know, actually put money toward more effective means of mass transportation??? The idea that someday I could ride the train to work instead of sitting on the freeway with three million other people going a measely 13 miles per hour is a dream. OK, now down off the soapbox… check blood pressure… moving on……..

My new favorite “gadget” is something a coworker turned me on to. Plaxo is an online address book that automatically synchronizes with your Outlook (which I use for work) and other email programs (like Thunderbird which I use at home). I also have online access to my address book and when I make a change in one program, the others change too. What else is really cool about it is that members share information with each other – so when my coworker makes a change to his address, phone or whatever – it automatically updates and I don’t have to do a thing! It’s a free download so take a look at the program at and give it a try – put in my work email address and you’ll always have the latest info on me.

That’s all that’s new & exciting in my world – not so new and definitely not so exciting – but that’s okay, sometimes it’s nice not to have too much going on at once.


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