Holidays – come & gone

Well you know I’ve been busy with the holidays, family in town, etc. so here’s a probably too-long update for everyone.

Christmas was nice, though the weather has been quite cold for Phoenix. My brother Damian visited from Wasthington (Seattle area) and sister Danielle from Austin. I had to work some of the time so we didn’t get out as much as I would have liked, but we did see We Are Marshall (excellent movie by the way), go to a family fun center with the kids (bowling & games), and took a day trip to Tucson for the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. Christmas Eve & Christmas Day were both quiet (which is good) – we just hung out and enjoyed all our new gadgets. I got Terry a surround sound system for our TV, which Damian kindly set up for him while I was working on setting up Eric’s new computer. By the way, because of this he is online more often now and would enjoy an email from all of you. He still has his AOL address, but if you don’t have it email me and I will give it to you. Justin enjoys using his new digital camera we got him – it’s nice to watch him turn into a budding photographer. Click on the photo below to view some photos from Christmas:

Christmas 2006

I took Danielle to the Grand Canyon with the kids last week, though it was cold (never above 30) and quite snowy. The road conditions weren’t the best, but we did manage to see at least the Western portion of the South Rim. We weren’t able to make it down the road on the Eastern portion because of blowing snow & fog, but it’s just as well as we couldn’t see more than 20 feet or so in front of us anyway. Here are some of the pictures I was able to take, mostly on day 2 when the weather wasn’t as bad:

Grand Canyon

Danielle and Damian both left last week and I think they each had a nice visit. And of course last night was New Year’s Eve! Can you believe yet another year is behind us? Eric went to a boy-girl party last night so Terry & I took Justin to Kathy & Jim’s. Here are some photos:

New Year’s Eve

Yesterday I went shopping and picked up a bunch of bargains at Old Navy ($20 jeans, $7 tees , a $9 sweatshirt for Eric and a $9 jacket for Justin), Sports Authority (new Nike runners for only $33) and Walgreens (wrapping paper 4/$1). Looks like the crowds have died down a bit but there are still great deals to be found – especially at Old Navy which is very obviously clearing room for new stock coming in soon.

Today Terry and I are going to the Fiesta Bowl to see Boise State and Oklahoma – hopefully it will be a good time. Then it’s back to work tomorrow for me. It sure was nice having time off, though I’ve been so busy I don’t feel like I’ve had much time to relax. Soon our “busy time” at work will start again and I’ll be travelling. This year I’m slated to go to Rome (tagged with vacation time), Kerrville (outside San Antonio), Spokane, Orlando and Montreal. Some places fun & exciting, some places not so much.

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2007!


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