AZ Update

Thanks everyone who’s provided feedback on the blog. Sounds pretty positive – looks like most of you prefer to check this site rather than be pestered with emails :) Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Well our time of being consumed by football has come to an end. Get this – we went to Justin’s “end of the season” party last Monday at Peter Piper Pizza (like Chuck E. Cheese) and at the end of the party his coach announced that they would be having a make-up game (from one day when it rained early in the season) the following Saturday! He didn’t ask the other coaches, parents or kids for their opinions on it… just went ahead and announced this, and that yeah, there would be a practice on Thursday night! So Terry of course was not thrilled about this – even Justin, football lover that he is, said “It was supposed to be over!” So they went to practice on Thursday, just to find out that coach sympathized with another team whose opponent backed out on them, and agreed to have TWO back-to-back games on Saturday! Ugh! Needless to say the kids were exhausted by the first quarter of the second game and they lost both of them. But they did have fun, and FINALLY we were able to put it behind us til next year. Oh, and Eric’s coaches smartly passed on the make-up game they were also entitled to – thank goodness!

Friday night we went to my company’s holiday party. There were some logistic issues with the venue but the party itself was a lot of fun. Terry buddied up with our assistant Wendy’s fiance Brandon (another event widow) and they had a great time making fun of the “interestingly dressed” and/or “overly endowed” guests. And believe me, there were plenty of them. I drank a lot, danced a lot, and talked a lot and actually didn’t make a fool of myself (I think?). Here’s a photo of us in the Meetings & Events Department:

Left to right: Leslie, Rochelle (top), Wendy (bottom), Todd & me

My brother Damian came in to town yesterday going on lack of sleep. Apparently he pulled an all-nighter to catch the shuttle from his base to the airport 2 hours away. We tortured him further by dragging him out to our neighborhood hangout Zipp’s for some wings and to meet some of our friends. I think he had a good time, even though we forced him to stay up til after 10pm. Don’t feel too sorry for him though – he has all day today to nap while we’re at work and school.

Tonight I have to make cookies for my cookie exchange on Friday, tomorrow is choir rehearsal and Thursday night Danielle comes in to town. Saturday will have to be more cookie baking and maybe (hopefully) we’ll get to see Eragon. Eric read the book and enjoyed it a lot so hopefully it will be worth the 7 bucks.


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  1. 1 Dragonfly December 20, 2006 at 1:37 pm

    Awesome photo! Happy Holidays

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