Today’s noteworthy(?) headlines

We loved him as “Frank” in the long-lasting sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” – Peter Boyle has passed away of heart failure at 71. I was surprised to learn in his obit that he had a stroke several years ago and was unable to speak for six months – and even had a heart attack on the Raymond set.

And speaking of sad, this just in from Scottsdale…. Mom takes dog, leaves baby with valet – When she returned 30 minutes later, police asked her to describe the valet – she responds “I think he had brown hair.” And why, oh why, did some nutjob judge give custody back to these parents?!

If you’re planning a trip anywhere, better book your air tickets soon. According to travel experts, Airline mergers could mean higher prices at the ticket counter. But these experts also say that this year’s holiday travel is hitting record highs. I guess that says something positive about our current economy.

Are we still in the 21st century here? Istanbul airline workers sacrifice a camel at the Turkish airport in “celebration” of a job well done. This apparently will hurt Turkey’s chances in their bid to become part of the European Union… ya think?

But here’s something a little more heartwarming in today’s news – Names of DPS dogs now honor memory of fallen officers. Now why didn’t someone think of this before?


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