Weekend stuff, season’s eatings, Fa-la-la-la-la

This weekend we have the final kids’ football games. We’re kind of glad in a way, because it will mean no more rushing around from place to place every Saturday, and no more weekday football practices, but still it’s been enjoyable seeing the boys play this year. Watching Justin make those two touchdowns was just awesome. And even though Eric was out for the final four or so games, when he did play, he gave it his all. But it will be nice to have our Saturdays back!

Got your Christmas shopping done yet? I just have a few items on the list and then I’m finished! The trick is getting everything into the mail in time for my out-of-town recipients to receive their goodies. I hope to get to Target and the Guitar Center on Sunday to pick up the final items on the list. Next on my holiday project list is figuring out which cookies to bake for Christmas. I always make my raspberry bars and leibkuchen spritz, and Terry insists I make his favorite peanut butter bars every year. I think this year I’ll also do some gingerbread basset hounds (in lieu of “men”) and cutouts that the kids can decorate with my sister Danielle. I’ll post recipes when I drag them out.

What is everyone planning for Christmas dinner? I’ll be making a turkey (one of my specialties) and secret-ingredient mashed potatoes, glazed carrots and other sides. Danielle is the “Jello Queen” and will be making one of her favorite molds, plus a sour cream apple pie for dessert. For Christmas Eve dinner we usually have appetizer-like finger food but other than shrimp cocktail I’m not sure yet what we’ll be doing for that. I’ll have to scoot out the door by 8:15pm in order to get to the 10pm Mass rehearsal on time, so it looks like we’ll probably eat pretty early.

This year’s Masses are a little easier than last year. Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday I’ll still be singing at the 8:15am Mass but that doesn’t fill the Christmas obligation. No, you don’t get off that easy. I’ll be back for the 10pm (which my family and friends are planning to attend) and then I’ll have to stay for Midnight Mass as well. The next morning there’s a 9am Mass too, but I don’t think I’ll have to sing at that one. Not sure I’d even have a voice left as each evening Mass is preceded by about 45 minutes of straight singing. At rehearsal on Wednesday night we reviewed the Christmas music we’ll be singing and I’m excited about the selections. We always do my favorite “Still, Still, Still” but I had forgotten about last year’s “O How A Rose E’er Blooming”.

Have a great weekend all!


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