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Yes, Justin scored another TOUCHDOWN today! It was an amazing play – he caught a punt at the 30 yard line, shrugged off one or two opponents and then ran the ball directly into the end zone untouched. It was a thing of beauty – just like something you see on ESPN highlights. Unfortunately however, the Demons still only managed to tie the other team (who apparently had lost all previous games this season, so they celebrated as though it was a win for them). They really should have won as the refs took away a beautiful touchdown from Justin’s teammate due to a very bad call (one of many this day, don’t get me started). I am hoping we can get a video clip from one of the other parents and if I do I will post it here. It was amazing!

The Scorpions’ defense played very well today but their offense couldn’t get it together and they lost once again. Eric is tired of sitting on the sidelines and can’t wait to get back in the game – hopefully in two weeks. There are no games next week due to the holiday.

Tonight Terry and Justin went to the ASU-UCLA football game with Jus’ coach and his sons. Our friends Jim & Kathy (gosh I love them!) asked me to join them at dinner at a new place called Rotelli’s (Italian). It was pretty good Italian food for Arizona, but not like what I could get in New York. Our favorite Italian restaurant out here is 100% authentic – Marianne & Richie’s. I can’t find a website for it anywhere but it’s a well-kept secret.

Tomorrow – actually the next few days – will be preparation for Thanksgiving. Fortunately I’m only working Monday & Tuesday this week so all day Wednesday will be spent on cleaning and food prep. I love the holidays, but they’re a lot of work!


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