We did it!

Yay! Eric and I successfully ran our first race over the weekend! Eric did awesome, and he was running with a broken finger (more on that later). I did okay, ended up about midway in my age group. Funny, I’m not really excited about my “big” birthday in a few months, but it will put me on the young end of the next age group so at least I have something to look forward to.

Here are our official standings (out of 212 total 5K runners):

Place Name Ag Div/Tot S No. Time Pace
===== ========================= ==
74 ERIC 14 3/5 M 1061 32:09 10:21
134 JEN 39 9/17 F 1062 39:26 12:42

Sorry, I tried to format the above but it just didn’t work :(

Next I think I might run the New Year’s Day 5K Run at Papago Park. There’s a 1 mile fun run/walk too, so maybe I’ll find more people to join me this time? Oh, and it starts at 9am (not 7:30 like Sunday’s race) so that might be a little more appealing too :)

That photo on the right – yeah I’m a dork. But it’s the least dorky of the three shots they had of me. And it was just around the corner from the finish line so yes, I was glad it was almost over!Football update: Justin’s Demons won 12-0. Justin was on offense but no scoring opportunities panned out for him. He did get hit hard a few times but just got up, brushed himself off, and got back in. Demons record is now 3-0-1. Eric’s Scorpions lost 20-14 but four of their guys were pulled due to injuries so it’s amazing they played as well as they did. Eric played both offense and defense, and with his broken finger. What a tough kid! Scorpions record stands at 1-3.

At practice Friday night Eric went out to catch a very high punt but it came down and jammed his left index finger. He was complaining of pain and it was pretty swollen, but we thought the swelling might go down (he didn’t ice it like we told him to). By Sunday it still wasn’t better so I took him to Urgent Care and they took X-rays, and confirmed the fracture. I have a call in to the orthopedist and will take him in to get a cast today.

Desperate Housewives is certainly exciting again. However I have to say that it seems so convenient that Nora was shot and killed. Sure, she was Lynette’s PITA but this just makes Lynette’s life perfect again, doesn’t it? The previews for next week seem interesting enough. I did read in the spoilers that Gabby will be playing a “mom” role instead of the typical modeling she’d done previously. Fed up with that, she decides to open a modeling school, which I think suits her well and finally gives her something substantive to do on the show. I do hope that she and Carlos work everything out because even though they’ve both made mistakes, they do make a good couple.

My other fave show “The Office” has been mediocre lately so I hope that picks up. I’ve also gotten into “30 Rock” this year, which is turning out to be funny and well-written. Tina Fey plays her character so well, and you have to love Alec Baldwin in this role. It’s reminiscent of his appearance in Along Came Polly.


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