Weekend update

Well another weekend just breezed by us, didn’t it? We didn’t do much of anything Friday night. Saturday of course was the boys’ football day. Justin had an “okay” game – the Demons tied 12-12. He’s a defensive player though he’d really rather be on the offense and have more scoring opportunities. Terry and I are trying to explain to him the importance of being a linebacker on the defense, but it’s a difficult concept for a young kid to understand, especially when he just wants to repeat his touchdown from last week.

Eric had an AWESOME game this weekend! He played in every defensive & special teams play except the very last two when the coach took him out because he was tired. He had some terrific blocks – once allowing his teammate to score. He didn’t get a sack but he was able to touch the QB a lot. The guys seemed to really wake up for this one – they won but I’m unsure about the score, I think it was 12-0. That brings te Scorpions’ record to 2-1 and the Demons record to 2-0-1.

Saturday night Terry and I went to a fabulous restaurant near the Chandler Mall called Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill. I had a mouth-watering bleu cheese filet mignon that was done to perfection and practically tender enough to cut with my fork. Terry enjoyed the filet & shrimp combo and was just as in love with his plate as I was with mine. The restaurant is nice but casual – it has a “Colorado Resort Feel” as explained by our server. The best part is we only had to wait 5 minutes for a table on a Saturday night, practially unheard of in the East Valley. Pricing was a la carte – with one drink and our meals it was about $100 which is about the going rate for a good meal nowadays.

Sunday morning was Church as usual, then I went for a run. I was able to do 4 mi. in about 53 minutes. That 4 mi. course is just a tad longer than the 5k I’ll be running this Sunday. It wasn’t too hard, just really looooooong. Then I joined Terry and some of our neighbors – past and present – at Zipp’s for some football. Overall a low-key weekend, still seemed so short!

Tomorrow night we’re going to get together with our neighbors in their cul-de-sac for a Halloween party which should be a lot of fun. I’ll share pictures when I have them.


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